Maintenance and clean carpet

In this section with respect to Dstvalmlhay simple, hand-woven carpets will protect you from harm and injury are expressed.

date add: Thursday, January 8, 2015

- Carpet on its surface that can be extended to a smooth, dry and free of dust is.
  2. carpet or dirt on the surface of gypsum or lime should be extended.
  3. It is best carpet on carpet or rug is another flat tire or not.
  4. Open windows when cleaning is better to clean the dust from the carpet Nnshynd again.
  5. crevices among rocks carpet, ceramic or mosaic carpet on a flat surface that can not be blank because the cache would be good for the growth of willows.
  6. To prevent corrosion of the carpet moth can Ngzalt some or naphthalene powder or plant materials, such as tobacco use. Note that the materials used in the standard.
  7. If a carpet moth was corrosion.
  8. Bid cause corrosion Pshmha been disinfected, wet and humid weather, and keep the rug in place or inattention Vnzaft carpet is closed and abandoned. If the rug in place is closed and abandoned, the doors opened once a month and the carpets are Barzsy.
  9. carpet during use must be washed.
  10. If you consider yourself to wash your carpet, it quite shake the dust and then wash it to get started.