Type: Purse Seiner / Pelagic Trawler / Research vessel

Built: 2007. Norway

Class: DNV, +1A1,Ice C Fishing Vessel

Tonnage : GT 2137
NT 642

Dimension: 75,40m/66,40m x 14,60m x 9,00 m

Main Engine : Caterpillar  3616TA 5060 Kw  (6870 BHP)-900 r.p.m

Propeller: V.p.p. prop. in nozzle type Scana Volda ACG 950

Speed: Service speed 14 Knots Max 18 Knots

Generators: For 3 x 450V 60 Hz
1x Caterpillar 3512 BTA, 1360 kW
1x Caterpillar 406TA, 260 kW
Shaft generator: AVK DSG 114 M1-8W 3130Kva

Side thrusters: Bow: Brunvoll FU-63-LTC-1550, 700 kW
Stern: Brunvoll FU-63-LTC-1750, 882 kW

RSW Tanks: RSW fish tanks total 1980 cbm
2x 985 kw MMC Kulde AS

Deck Equipment: Karm trawl/purse seining equipments

Electronics: All modern electronic equipments

Accommodation: 13 double cabins and 1 single cabin-All with separate
WC/Showers.Large mess/dayroom and seperate smokers lounge
Hospital on 1st deck inside accommodation area
Large galley with provision rooms etc
Wet Laboratory space arranged on 1st deck aft
Tot no of berths is 29
Lifesaving appliances for a crew of 30

Wet Laboratory: With water supply, ventilation
heating cabionet  0-195 degr C
Drying cabinet and sample freezers

Ref.No. P106

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